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Two Pools publication

Image of Two Pools publication


Two Pools developed in August 2002, featured in Area_2, is a self initiated publishing project that came about from a last minute request. David Lancashire was putting Andrew forward for consideration for Alliance Graphique Internationale membership and wondered if one had some sort of print piece to give delegates at the AGI Congress in Helsinki. One could have developed some sort of portfolio print piece, or tell a story using design, photography and writing.

At the time he had just left Precinct Design and had started Studio Pip and Co. working out of his third bedroom in West St Kilda.

One half of the project is a piece of writing investigating the place that disabled people have in our community, and the other is a photographic survey of public swimming pools in Sydney and Melbourne. We sold the first lot wrapped in string and housed in an window cut envelop. Completed in one take the hand lettering was again executed in watered down gouache with a fine sable brush.

A small run of this piece was printed by Gunn & Taylor in Melbourne. It is available for $10 plus postage, simply email the studio for your copy.